It’s the little moments

Merry Hill is full of little hidden romantic spots, like the wisteria walk and the rose trellis in the back garden. We just love these pics of Camille and Dustin, peeking through the rose bushes and under the magical wisteria!



These two have such infectious smiles!


And, of course, this shot of beautiful Camille is one of our absolute favorites, for obvious reasons – she looks GORGEOUS!

IMG_0311 copy.jpg

Camille and Dustin had a beautiful wedding, and we were honored to be a part of their love story!

IMG_0524 copy

Well, hello there!

16113937_1181903865249045_6251801148055003720_n.jpgWelcome to Merry Hill’s new blog!

We are delighted to start off our new blog by showing you our new “Meet Merry Hill” page! At Merry Hill, we want to make every couple and their families feel welcome and appreciated. We want to offer a personal, not corporate, experience for each wedding. Our “Meet Merry Hill” page, which you can also find on our website (click Meet Merry Hill), introduces you to our wonderful team who work hard to do just that. So, nice to meet you!


Joannie is an event manager at Merry Hill. She is from Mebane – in fact, she was Natalie and Grace’s Bible School teacher at Hebron Church, just down the road! Whether she is acting as house attendant or working as the manager of a wedding, she always puts her whole heart into what she does, and we are truly fortunate to have her as an event manager at Merry Hill. She is the mother of two children, Richie and Emily, and grandmother of the world’s cutest grandbaby, Oliver James.

Natalie14448870-659674625745-2344845503017823079-n copy.jpg

Natalie makes sure everything is kept in order in the bookkeeping for Merry Hill. She has traveled around the world and lived in Wales and Korea, but no matter how far she roams she always makes time to lend a helping hand in any way that’s needed. We say “bookkeeping” but in reality we couldn’t put one name to all the things Natalie does – you can find her herding donkeys, fixing Lynne’s cellphone, cleaning windows, and any other number of things! She even makes beautiful custom clothes for reenactment days at Historic Halifax (the girl makes a mean bonnet). She is like a sister to Grace and a daughter to Lynne, and we are so thankful to have her as part of our team and family.


Bernard has been part of our Merry Hill family since our very early days. He is our farm’s guardian angel, often behind the scenes fixing things before we knew they broke and taking care of things before we could even ask. The first to check in after an ice storm or to double check that the horses have water in high summer, he is a wonderful and dear friend, and we are very thankful to have him as part of our set-up and take-down team.

Jennifer G.unnamed_1.jpg

Jen is an event manager at Merry Hill. She lived in Fort Worth, Texas before coming to North Carolina. She is super organized and attentive to detail in everything she does. Her positive, friendly attitude often reminds us that although weddings can be stressful, they don’t have to be!


Sammy can just about fix anything, any time, anywhere. Some of the best mornings at Merry Hill begin with him showing up with Biscuitville biscuits at dawn and making everybody get to work! The beautiful fields you see around Merry Hill are all thanks to his hard work, year round, to keep them green and healthy to feed the horses and cows and produce the best hay around. As Lynne’s cousin, he has a heartfelt passion for the original family farmland and family history – if you want some good stories, he’s the one to ask. He also created the beautiful pine dance floor at Merry Hill and is part of our set-up and take-down team. He is pictured here with his daughter Rachel, and has a beautiful granddaughter Marleigh Grace.


Ed keeps the Merry Hill IT up and running. He makes sure there is wifi for you to take your selfie with a peacock or check in on Facebook from the groom’s cottage. Merry Hill is peacefully tucked away in the countryside, but Ed makes sure we are well connected to the hustle and bustle outside. We’d be lost without him!


Rachel takes on lots of roles at Merry Hill, from working as a parking attendant to painting the farm’s beautiful white fence. She is Sammy’s daughter and has an adorable little girl, Marleigh Grace. She is engaged and plans to be married at Merry Hill one day. We can’t wait to see what a beautiful bride she’ll be!



Lynne is the owner of Merry Hill and the heart of our Merry Hill family. She is also the artist of many of the lovely paintings on the walls of the Merry Hill house. She cares sincerely about each couple that gets married at Merry Hill and is always honored to help their wedding dreams become reality. If you show up unannounced it is not unusual to hear her blasting Lynard Skynard from the time you reach the mailbox. She lovingly takes care of all our farm animals and knows each rose and tree by name. She will never accept the credit, but she is the heart and soul of Merry Hill.

Lynne and Grace